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     NorburyCarpetCleaners happened to be running a terrific deal, when I was looking for a regular cleaning service. Even without the discount, their rates are some of the best around. I would recommend their cleaning services! They are the best in the business.
Kylie Wallis21/05/2020
     The cleaners were amazing. Definitely the best deep cleaning services. They did everything I asked without any hesitation. They were worth every penny!
     After Carpet Cleaner Norbury came and did a carpet cleaning for me, I told everyone I knew about them, and loads of them have taken me up on my recommendation and all say they are just as pleased as I was, so I'd definitely recommend them to anyone else with cleaning needs.
Diana Chapo13/12/2017
     I use Carpet Cleaner Norbury for regular domestic cleaning. I've always been thrilled with the work they've done. I'll certainly continue to use them in the future.
D. Davidson20/11/2017
     We've been after this kind of service for years, searching for someone to help us with those stains which just won't go away. I had tried all of the home solutions and had asked a number of professionals but they all seemed baffled. It didn't help that we couldn't remember what the original problem was. That didn't seem to stop NorburyCarpetCleaners and they managed to have our carpets back to their best in no time at all. It really is a blessing to have found them and now I'm telling all of my friends about their good work.
Andrea Murphy04/06/2014

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